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Japan – A Maturing Market, China’s Luxury Market, Private Equity and Luxury Goods
Savigny Luxury Index vs. FTSE All World
M&A Activity in the Sector

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China’s Luxury Market


China has barely paused for breath this year in its rise to global power. For the third year in a row, its economy is on track to grow by more than 10%. China has spawned a new cast of millionaires and an emerging middle-class centred in large cities on the coast.

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Private Equity and Luxury Goods

The private equity sector is by all accounts the single largest buyer and seller of businesses in the market as a whole today. Some observers credit private equity firms with a good half of the entire M&A market, with almost no limit on deal size due to the ever increasing amounts of capital available to the leading funds.

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Japan – A Maturing Market

While Japan has been a vital market for the luxury goods sector in the past decade (25% of global revenues in 2006), the country has recently shown signs of a fundamental shift in consumption patterns.

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